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Golf Tips

Drills for Putting Mechanics

Chalk Line Drill

Find the flattest putt on the practice green.  Use a carpenter’s chalk line to set a one-yard straight line on the putting surface.


This drill should be a “must do drill” as several positive points results this drill. 


  1. When the putter is set down on the line, the student receives immediate feedback if his putter is square to his intended target line.
  2. Line serves as a guide to help the student line up to the hole.
  3. Try to keep the putter moving straight back and straight through using the chalk line as a guide.


putter line drill.jpg


Starting with putting to helps to build a strong short game beginning from the hole and moving back to the longer pitch shots.  Using this method, the game naturally builds upon certain fundamentals.


Find Your Perfect Ball Position!

Perfect Ball Position: The photo above illustrates perfect ball position with a Hybrid.

While each individual golfer is different, this exercise gives a good starting reference point for your ball position. Assume your stance. Place a 5-iron perpendicular to the target line between your feet with the toe touching the heel of the lead foot. This is the general position for your irons and hybrid.  Repeat, but now place the hosel of the club touching the heel of the lead foot. This is the general position for your fairway woods.

Explanation: The address position is 80% of the golf swing. It is what the pros work on everyday. To be a consistent ball striker, you must set-up with the ball in the same position every time. The ball position in relation to the lead foot basically remains the same with all irons and hybrids. The only thing that changes is the width of the stance which is changed by moving the trailing foot.


 Fearless in Fairway Bunkers!

Tip: A hybrid is a great choice out of fairway bunkers. When making your stance, only slightly dig your feet. Feel as if you are standing on eggshells. This promotes stability, which all good bunker players have. Swing the hybrid like a 5-iron and take a divot. There is no need to "help" the ball get into the air. The club will do the work.

Explanation: Along with the weight distribution, the shape of the clubhead allows even a shot hit fat or thin to still exit the bunker and advance. The clubhead acts similarly to a sand wedge with a large sole eliminating excessive digging.


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