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Full Name:  Thomas Tarleton Wartelle
Date of Birth: 28 May 1970
Wife:  Sylvie T. Wartelle
Children:  Gabriel Augustin Wartelle
Hometown:  Grand Prairie, Louisiana

Education: University of Louisiana
Languages:  French and English
Favorite Golf Course: St. Andrews, Scotland

Favorite Golfers:
American - Jack Nicklaus, Ben Hogan, Bobby Jones
European - Tony Jacklin, Nick Faldo
International - Greg Norman, Gary Player, Ernie Els

Professional Affiliations:
PGA of America
World Golf Teachers Federation
WGTF Master Teaching Professional & Examiner
Brasil PGA
Dutch GTF




About Thomas T Wartelle

Thomas T Wartelle’s journey in golf began after finding a broken club when he was fourteen years old.   Upon finding this artifact, he walked away from his love of tennis.  His enthusiasm brought him from his father’s farm fields to the local public golf course where he shot 104 for his first round.  Inspired, he tried out for his high school golf team and shot 70 on nine holes.  The coach promptly told him he didn’t make the team.  Within 15 months, he was a scratch golfer.

Determined to learn this game, he started out as a caddie and bag boy.  He then made a deal with the local club pro.  In return for all the practice balls Thomas could hit, he would pick the range balls.  Thus began his golfing journey.

As a young golfer, Thomas idolized the likes of Ben Hogan, Sam Snead, Jack Nicklaus, Tony Jacklin and Nick Faldo.  Perhaps this contributed to his obsession of practice where he has calculated that he has hit over 3 million golf balls in his life.  Although he has slowed down, he continues his quest.

A professional golfer since 1993, he has played tournament golf worldwide.  He is a PGA of America member, WGTF Master Teaching Professional, Director of Instruction for the WGTF, and conducts seminars worldwide on teaching golf and the golf swing.  He earned a B.S. in Agronomy / Horticulture from the University of Louisiana where he remains forever a “Ragin Cajun”.  

Thomas is frequently seen performing his entertaining golf clinics that feature golf trick shots, history & lore and inspirational dialogue on playing this great game.  He has voyaged to over 30 countries around the globe as a player, teacher, professional athlete, and consultant.  Thomas was recently nominated to the Top Teachers in The World list for 2006, 2010, and 2012.  In 2010, he was also inducted into the WGTF Hall of Fame.

Thomas trains professional golfers worldwide, conducts junior programs / formations and is a consultant on agronomics and the marketing side of golf.  He frequently competes in triathlons, cycling, tennis, and other athletic events.

Thomas and Sylvie Wartelle formed the company Asteur-Louisiane LLC which specializes in everything from golf consulting, sports training, motivational speaking, and entertaining golf shows.

Because of the game of golf, Thomas has had the opportunity to play and teach golf in over 30 countries.  For this he is forever indebted to that old broken club. His interests besides golf are horticulture, music, sports, history and Acadian – French culture.

Thomas T Wartelle
The Old Course, St. Andrews , Scotland


WGTF Top 100 Teaching Professionals


Callaway Professional Staff

Books by Thomas:


Golf Drills Book


On Teaching Golf




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