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Why is the shaft important?

q       The shaft is the engine of the golf club.  The proper shaft flex helps insure the golfer will achieve the maximum distance and accuracy for his swing.

What is shaft flex?

q       Shaft flex is how much a club’s shaft can bend during the golf swing.  All shafts exhibit flex under the forces of the golf swing.

q       Generally, players with faster swings require a shaft with less flex, while players with a slower swing should have shafts with greater flex.

q       Each manufacturer uses a system to rate flex.

What is bendpoint or kickpoint?

q       Kickpoint or bendpoint is the point along a shaft's length where the shaft has the largest amount of flex.

q       The ball’s trajectory can be affected by the location of the kickpoint as well as “feel” of the shaft.

What is torque?

q       Torque is the amount of twisting of the shaft during the golf swing.

q       The higher the torque number, the more the shaft twists during the golf swing.

q       A shaft with too much torque can lead to the clubhead turning. 

q       Torque exists in all types of shaft materials.  Modern technology has enabled manufactures to decrease the amount of torque in graphite shafts.

What is swingweight?

q       Swingweight is as the ratio of the weight of the head to the grip end of the club.

q       The heavier the clubhead feels, the higher the swingweight.

q       Swingweight is expressed as a letter and number.   Measurements range from lightest A0 to G10, the heaviest.  The scale uses the letters A to G and the numbers 1 to 10.

q       A club that is measured at D5 will feel heavier when swung than a club measured at C7, although both clubs' actual static weight may be identical.

What is static (actual) weight?

q       Static weight of a club is the actual overall weight of the whole club.  It is measured in grams.


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