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Thomas Recently Named to the WGTF Top 60 Teachers List

I knew from the moment I first picked up a golf club that I would one day be a professional.  My love for the game drove me to hitting over 500 balls a day for nearly two decades.  Through this time, I studied all the great players and teachers of the past and currently have an extensive library of golf-related books.”

“I had the fortune of playing on the golf team for the University of Louisiana.  I spent many long afternoons on the driving range with Mr. Lionel Hebert, who won the 1957 PGA Championship. Mr. Lionel loved to recount stories of the old players and I was overly willing to listen to them.  Another major influence was Chad Williams who is a prominent Louisiana amateur golfer from Lafayette, Louisiana.”

 “After college I turned pro.  One of my first experiences playing professionally was in Europe. It was during this time that I developed into a strong professional player and have since played competitive golf all over the world. I have also had the fortune of working with many world-class teachers globally.

“My teaching philosophy is that each individual has one perfect swing model.  The key is to unlock that model for each person.  I am a believer in fundamentals.  In my opinion, the only thing that matters is having a square clubface at impact.  Certainly, a straight line is the most efficient way to achieve this, but not every person is capable of making this line.  Therefore, I try to find the most efficient swing for each student.

As director of the World Golf Teachers Federation, Thomas holds the distinct record of training and certifying more teaching professionals in various countries world-wide than anyone in the history of golf.  Thomas recently placed second in the United States Golf Teachers Cup held at The Quarry Golf Club in San Antonio, Texas.


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