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Excerpts from the new manual "On Teaching Golf"
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Two Simple elements for Putting

 Putting should be broken down to two simple elements.   


When working on mechanics, putt a straight putt one meter from the hole.

bulletPutter blade square to target at address
bulletConsistent address position with hands in line to slightly ahead of the ball
bulletBall should be positioned somewhere towards the instep of the lead foot.  Many good putters positions vary, but all have the ball more forward than the center of the stance
bulletMovement of the putter head straight back and straight through
bulletEyes over the ball (can be slightly behind and to the inside)
bulletBackswing should be shorter than forward swing

Speed control

When working on speed control, putt to very long holes first then to medium length holes.  Vary the types of “breaking” putts.

bulletOn long putts, speed is more important than direction
bulletTo have consistent speed control, your mechanics must be solid.  Therefore always work on mechanics before you work on speed control.
bulletWhen working on speed control, don’t think about mechanics.   Trust your eyes to judge the distance.
bulletRoll a few balls underhanded to holes across the green.  Get a “feel” for the way the ball rolls on the green.
bulletTry putting a few long putts while looking at the hole and not the ball.  Think of shooting a free-throw in basketball.






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