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Marketing and Promotions of Golf

Thomas T Wartelle ™ & Asteur-Louisiane LLC specializes in golf consulting.  Our expertise offers dynamic and innovative ideas that excel in the golfing industry.  We offer the following services:

bulletMarketing and Promotions of Quality Golf Products

For more info on following services please click:
bulletGolf clinics and Seminars
bulletAgronomic Consulting


Asteur-Louisiane's specialty is golf promotion and business consulting in Europe and South America.


Thomas T Wartelle ™ and Asteur-Louisiane have been a consultant for many international organization including:


SwingModel Golf

World Golf Teachers Federation

NGF Asia

Trion:Z Magnetic & Minus Ion Bracelet

Sonartec Golf

Five Nations Golf Club, Belgium

Thomas is Director of the World Golf Teachers Federation which consists of over 15,000 members from over 35 nations worldwide.  This position serves as an ambassador and consultant on course curriculum for Golf Teaching Seminars for the various global member-nation federations.  For more info please click:

WGTF Top 100 Teaching Professionals


Callaway Professional Staff

Books by Thomas:


Golf Drills Book


On Teaching Golf




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